Your NCC Account

An essential functionality of the website is your NCC Account.  The account allows the site to personalize your information based on purchases or submissions you make on the site.  Once you create your account, which requires an email address and a password, you will be able to access your personal certification data.  

Whenever you visit the site, you should sign in with your email and password. To create a profile or sign in(if already created), click on the appropriate link in the upper right hand corner of the home page of the NCC website: or to the left hand side of the home page. 

Advantages of creating a profile and signing in includes:

  • Update of your profile if needed (address or name change, etc)
  • Maintain your certification online and the information shown will be specific toyour certifications only
  • All information for any submission the first time, will be pre-populated so you won’t have to keep putting in your personal data every time you visit the site
  • Discounts for purchase of NCC self assessment modules used for maintenance are automatically applied
  • Review any activity you have done online in your account on the NCC website, e.g, purchases, CE credit, maintenance applications, e-mails.  

So if you need a receipt for self assessment purchase you made, it is in your account.  If you forgot to print out your maintenance application, it is in your account, etc.  

You are responsible for maintaining your NCC profile and insuring that the information is up to date at all times.  NCC communicates through email and mailings.  You are responsible for all information sent including policy changes. Failure to maintain current information in your profile could jeopardize your certification when there are changes made to the certification process.  This is your responsibility.

Your NCC account and profile is your personal NCC archive, it’s secure and available to you. 24/7.

Sign in or Create your account