NCC-E Application


If you are looking to maintain, extend or reinstate your certification, do not complete this form. Go to the "Maintain Your Certification" section on the home page and select submit a maintenance application, reinstatement, or learn more. The NCC-E application is not for maintenance or reinstatement of certification.

The NCC-E (NCC-Emeritus) lifetime credential provides special recognition for the accomplishments of PERMANENTLY RETIRED Health Care Professionals made during the active part of their careers. Please note if you elect to become an NCC-E you cannot revert back to certification status without retesting which will require you to meet current eligibility criteria which may be different than when you were originally certified. The NCC-E credential is not a certification

Who's eligible?

  • Any NCC-certified professional who is permanently retired from active employment in their field or no longer needs to be certified in a specific specialty.
  • Those who have retired but continue to volunteer their skills are eligible to apply.
  • Anyone holding NCC-E status who decides to return to active work, can only regain the certification status through successful re-examination. Current eligibility criteria must be met.
  • This category is designed for those who have retired and never intend to use their certification professionally again.
  • Please note there is no inactive status available. NCC-E does not require maintenance since it is not a certification.  To obtain your certification again, after you choose Emeritus status, you must maintain an active license and meet the eligibility to retest for a certification. 
  • If you change to NCC-E status during your certification window, you will remain certified and the NCC-E status will begin the day your current certification lapses. Please note, that in this situation, NCC will allow you to reinstate up to one year after your certification lapsed if you hold an active license. This is not the intent of the program but under certain situations may be requested.  If you are outside the reinstatement time frame, you must retest, meeting all current exam eligibility criteria which may be different than when you were first certified. All rules, regulations and policies apply. 

What are the benefits of NCC-E status?

  • Use of the NCC-E credential
  • Continue to receive  NCC communications if you opt into this.
  • Eligible for discounts on NCC products and services when available.
  • NCC-E certificate (printable from the account).

How much does it cost?

A non-refundable one-time fee of $90 provides you with a lifetime Emeritus status in your specialty. The NCC-E credential is not a certification and does not require maintenance.  

How do I apply?

You can apply for your lifetime NCC-E status by completing the online application and paying the $90 fee.

Apply for NCC-E Credential

How do I tell you I'm retired and don't plan to keep my certification?

There is no need for official notification.  Once your expiration date is reached, your certification will lapse if you don't maintain it.  However, you will still receive email notices about reinstatement, until one year following your certification expiration.  You can ignore those notices.    Or you can email CONTACT US to have your record marked as an early lapse but we need that information in a formal request via email to do so.

What if I want to put my certification on inactive status?

NCC has no inactive status.  You must have an active license to maintain.   If you fail to maintain, you will have one year to reinstate without retesting.  After that time, you will have to retest to regain your NCC credentialing and meet all current exam eligibility criteria which may be different than when you were first certified.